AVIATION for customers

Ever­y­thing on board for your projects

We are a Preferred Supplier of the Airbus Group and the first point of contact for many other renowned companies in the aviation and aerospace industry. Why? As a partner we are a measurable factor in their success with our made-to-measure engineering services, binding framework contracts and fixed cost structure.

Safety has top priority in aviation and aerospace. That also applies for our business relationships. We minimise your risk with fixed price contracts and the complete handling of complex work packages while taking responsibility for your success. Binding contracts enable us to guarantee absolute legal certainty and compliance to our customers and partners, so that we can concentrate entirely on the success of your project within a defined framework.

We are well equipped to provide you with maximum thrust to give you a significant edge on the market. After all, our engineering and IT solutions are not standardised services, but instead are individually tailored to your needs. And there’s more: If desired, we can also take pressure off you by taking on subtasks or routine operational work, or improve your innovative strength by providing an external point of view. All in all, this makes us the perfect development partner in all sectors of aerospace engineering.

Take advantage of our "one face to the customer" philosophy: you talk to one contact who knows you and your exact requirements. At the same time you benefit from the technical knowledge and concentrated expertise of the entire FERCHAU AVIATION Group.

Flexible contract models

Made-to-measure full service

FERCHAU AVIATION offers a number of cooperation agreement models to provide you with maximum possible flexibility. This does not involve additional work or expenditure for you - on the contrary: we adapt your processes and systems and thus ensure that pressure is effectively taken off you.

Flexible contract models

Engi­nee­ring Support

Our employees can supplement your development teams to help at peak order times, with capacity bottlenecks, on non-standard projects or should you need specialist knowledge and expertise. In short, this means that you benefit from qualified support and can retain full flexibility without straining your budget permanently.

Flexible contract models

Outsour­cing complete work packages

Companies have tasks that can be easily specified. We provide you with a suitable organisation and handle the work package on your behalf at agreed costs. We also have direct access to specialised knowledge and expertise through our partner network.

Our engineering offices are independently responsible for fulfilling your specific contracts. You also have the option of deploying a project group on site or in your own offices. In short: we adapt to your needs, guaranteeing the targeted, on-time completion of your project. That way you can focus on your core business in the knowledge that other aspects are in good hands.

Flexible contract models

Global engi­nee­ring & offsho­ring

Cost pressures are growing steadily in all engineering sectors. We can secure real cost benefits for you through efficient offshoring, at the same time ensuring currency is protected against fluctuations. You do not need to build up and maintain international relationships yourself – with FERCHAU AVIATION you gain the thrust of a global network.

We maintain long-standing contacts to local suppliers and operate our own branches abroad. This allows us to help companies fulfil their offset obligations while ensuring high quality standards in low-cost countries.

The benefits for you

Good reasons for coope­ra­tion


You can respond to operational peaks flexibly and efficiently


You benefit from the specialist knowledge and expertise of our employees and partners


You have a personal contact for all your concerns


You can handle your budgets more flexibly


You save resources by outsourcing complete work packages


We prioritise compliance and legal certainty


You can focus on your core business