Our expertise

The entire spec­trum of flying

We have the specialists, the solutions expertise and the right tools to help you bring your project to a successful completion – whether we're assisting you with the development of new aircraft types or you require engineering expertise in the development of wings, fuselage, systems or cabins.

Low costs and high quality must go hand in hand if companies wish to remain in business as a supplier and engineering specialist for aerospace engineering. With FERCHAU AVIATION you can be sure that you have a development partner on board who understands the craft.

Our portfolio of services is systematically geared to the development and manufacturing processes in the aviation and aerospace industry. We have the right expert team for every discipline – be it aircraft, helicopters, aerospace or defence.

Our technical competence ranges from primary and secondary structures to electrical systems and flight test installations. Our engineers, designers, project and quality managers will take over the validation and testing of your developments, as well as supplier management, and will therefore be on hand from the initial idea right through to series production.

In short: regardless of whether working from our engineering offices or integrated into your local project teams – our highly qualified employees are familiar with your development tools for the most diverse technical disciplines.

Interdisciplinary quality

Our industry exper­tise






Space flight



Well equipped to handle your concerns

Our port­folio of services


  • Systems integration
  • Verification, validation & testing
  • Safety & reliability
  • Software
  • Documentation
  • Series production supervision
  • Product lifecycle management
  • MRO
  • Customer & product support


  • Design and calculation of structural components (metal and composites)
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Cabin fittings
  • Cargo hold equipment
  • Flight test installations


  • Tender management
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain management
  • Offshoring & offset management
Optimum support

Tools and processes

  • HyperMesh
  • SolidWorks
  • PDMLink
  • Primes
  • VPM
General Engineering

The whole world of engi­nee­ring

When you work with FERCHAU AVIATION, you are not just benefiting from our many years of knowledge and expertise in aviation and aerospace engineering, but above all from our greatest strength – our interdisciplinary approach. That is what makes us the ideal general engineering partner for your project.

We tailor our approach entirely to the regional markets. We rely on diversification to provide optimal support to your development projects. Our sites are continually expanding their service portfolios – individually tailored to the needs of the local marketplace.

Because of our international partner network and strong interdisciplinary approach, we don't need to first establish our general engineering expertise. We draw upon on a strong foundation of highly qualified employees and long-standing business relationships. This enables us to offer you the same industry knowledge, for example in automotive and IT, and the same technical expertise that you have come to expect from us in aviation and aerospace engineering. The benefit for you: a real competitive edge

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