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FERCHAU ENGI­NEE­RING again expan­ding opera­tions in France

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Engineering services provider opens new office in Paris under the management of Marc Brunstein.

FERCHAU Engineering SARL has opened a new office in Paris. With one location already in Toulouse, the German market leader in engineering services is thus expanding its presence in France. FERCHAU's growth strategy is geared to increasing cooperation especially with French companies so as to augment its customer focus in the Paris region. Marc Brunstein, a seasoned manager in the professional services sector, is responsible for running the new location. He has been a Country Manager for Ferchau since November 2014 and reports directly to FERCHAU AVIATION's CEO Harald Felten. The focus of his work is on aviation and aerospace, the automotive industry and IT. The engineering services provider aims at expanding on a medium-term basis and recruiting additional staff by the end of 2015.

As Marc Brunstein sees it, opening the new office is a significant and logical step: "With our presence in Paris we are responding to market requirements and the direct wishes of our customers. In France in particular, there is a great demand for customized engineering services of high quality, reliability and schedule effectiveness. This is exactly where we come in, where we can offer our long-standing expertise in developing tailored solutions." Given the geographical proximity, sending individual specialists or complete teams to a customer's project or offering reliable contacts where and when needed is now much easier. In Paris Marc Brunstein intends above all to expand business activities through both organic and external growth, including the development of new business and opening up new sectors. "The market for engineering services offers outstanding growth potential. We aim at working more for French companies across locations which is why we will also expand externally," says Marc Brunstein. In the medium term, the office in Paris will therefore be developed into a branch. "With his well-founded international experience in the areas of professional services, project management and team leadership, Marc Brunstein will successfully promote FERCHAU's activities both locally and globally," says Harald Felten, looking forward to their future cooperation. With the new office, synergies will be generated from existing competences and leveraged at an international level. "As with our previous expansion in Spain, Poland and India, stepping up our activities in France is part of our strategy to continuously improve the way in which we meet the needs of our international customers", explains Harald Felten.

Up until now, the Paris region was served from FERCHAU's location in Toulouse, with customers chiefly coming from the aviation and aerospace sector, the automotive industry and IT. This year, the Toulouse office is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

FERCHAU Engineering GmbH, AVIATION Division
The FERCHAU AVIATION division currently employs more than 800 developers, design engineers, hardware and software professionals, and project managers distributed among its locations in Bremen, Hamburg, Munich, Augsburg, Donauwörth and Laupheim (Germany) and Toulouse (France) as well as Madrid-Getafe (Spain), Bristol and Bournemouth (UK), and Bangalore (India). In 2014, FERCHAU AVIATION generated sales of over 65 million euros.

FERCHAU Engineering GmbH currently employs more than 6,100 engineers, IT consultants, technicians and draughtspersons in over 70 branches and locations and over 70 engineering offices (as at 31 December 2014). FERCHAU operates in areas that include machinery and plant construction, vehicle technology, aviation & aerospace, electrical engineering and IT.

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