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Queen Eliz­a­beth II. honours FERCHAU coope­ra­tion partner

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The FERCHAU AVIATION Team congratulates WOODFORD ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY on winning the "Queens Award for Enterprise"

FERCHAU AVIATION, a division of FERCHAU Engineering GmbH, cooperates worldwide with partner companies that set new standards in their own fields for technology, innovation and design. Since 2009, FERCHAU AVIATION has been cooperating with WOODFORD ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY, based near Manchester, to develop innovative concepts for future aviation technologies.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is now honouring the innovative and future-oriented accomplishments of WOODFORD ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY with the "Queens Award for Enterprise 2019" in the category "International Trade". This is the highest royal award for companies in Great Britain.

Martin Sauerschnig, CEO of FERCHAU AVIATION, congratulates WOODFORD ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY and praises the close, international cooperation: "In order to always deliver the highest quality to our customers, we rely on cooperation with leading international partner companies. For FERCHAU AVIATION, the award from our British partner is a great incentive to continue promoting future projects together and to strengthen Europe's innovative strength in global competition."

David Bradshaw, Commercial Director of WOODFORD ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY, added: "We are proud to receive this prestigious award from the Queen. It underscores the skills and expertise of our engineers, who are in great demand worldwide. Our special thanks go to our European partners and in particular FERCHAU AVIATION. It was their constant appreciation of our expertise that made this award possible."

WOODFORD ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY provides services in the design, development, safety, and certification of aircraft systems for the aviation and aerospace industry. The company employs over 50 people in Manchester and Bristol.

FERCHAU Engineering GmbH, AVIATION Division
The internationally operating FERCHAU division AVIATION specializes in engineering services for the air travel and aerospace industries and in general engineering. Currently, more than 800 developers, engineers, hardware and software professionals and project managers are employed at 15 locations in Germany, England, France, India and Spain. In 2018 the AVIATION division generated sales of over 70 million euros.

FERCHAU Engineering GmbH currently employs more than 8,400 engineers, IT consultants, technicians and draughtspersons in over 100 branches and locations and over 110 technical offices and project groups (as at 31 December 2018). FERCHAU operates in seven areas, including machinery and plant construction, electrical engineering, automotive technology, IT, aviation and aerospace, as well as shipbuilding and marine engineering.


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