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10 Years of FERCHAU AVIA­TION Munich

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COO Southern Germany, Hans-Martin Mensch announces numerous new staff appointments.

FERCHAU AVIATION Munich is celebrating its 10th anniversary. From the time it was established, this operating site has exhibited continuous growth and now employs more than 85 highly-specialised technical staff realising a diverse range of projects for aerospace companies. The service profile encompasses all phases extending from the pre-development to the development to the detailing of aeroplanes, helicopters and satellites, together with the fields of series production management, MRO and logistics. Other core areas of expertise include software development as well as training and simulation. Project management and quality assurance round off the profile of the engineering service provider.

“The region in and around Munich is flourishing particularly in the military aviation area, but also through ambitious space programmes such as Galileo, One Web and, of course, Ariane. Then there are the numerous new areas of development that are also contributing to the highly promising climate. 
Aside from that, our status as one of a small group of preferred providers for Airbus Defence and Space means that we are planning to recruit over 12 new employees in the coming six months. We are looking for specialists in software development, systems engineering, simulation design, virtual reality design, configuration management, IT systems management and project management. We are aiming for growth of at least 20 percent for the coming year”, says FERCHAU AVIATION COO Southern Germany Hans-Martin Mensch, explaining his plans for this operating site.

Alongside the strengthening of the virtual/augmented reality area, there is also a strong focus particularly on the specialist area of training and simulation. This activity is embedded within the organisation’s very own technical department, and it plays a key role in projects implemented for our main customer Airbus Defence and Space.
FERCHAU AVIATION Munich is actively recruiting suitably qualified staff to ensure it can continue to optimally fulfil the increasing demands of companies for external services. To this end, the engineering service provider makes regular appearances at recruitment fairs, and is pursuing an active sourcing strategy in the relevant business networks. The site also maintains partnerships with the Technical University of Munich, the Bundeswehr University Munich (armed forces university) and the technical colleges. “The region is one of the major high-tech hubs in Europe, and is proving equally attractive to both companies and personnel alike, meaning that we can expect to continue with our positive economic development”, is how Hans-Martin Mensch describes the outlook for FERCHAU AVIATION Munich.

FERCHAU Engineering GmbH, AVIATION Division
The internationally active FERCHAU business sector of AVIATION specialises in engineering services for the air travel and aerospace industries in addition to general engineering. Currently, more than 900 developers, engineers, hardware and software professionals and project managers are employed at 15 locations in Germany, England, France, India and Spain. In 2016, the AVIATION business sector generated a sales volume of more than 70 million euros.

FERCHAU Engineering GmbH currently employs more than 7,400 engineers, IT consultants, technicians and draughtspersons in over 100 branches and locations and over 100 technical offices and project groups (as at 31 December 2016). FERCHAU operates in seven areas, including machinery and plant construction, electrical engineering, automotive technology, IT, aviation and aerospace, as well as shipbuilding and marine engineering.

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