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IT and engi­nee­ring services for ship­buil­ding and wind energy

The maritime industry on the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is firmly anchored in tradition. Our FERCHAU Rostock Marine branch is also rooted here and offers companies from Wismar to Rostock and from Stralsund to Wolgast a wide range of IT and engineering services – on land but also far out on the high seas.

The wind along the coast doesn’t usually blow as a mild breath of air, but rather as a stiff breeze. Of course, wind turbine manufacturers and operators take advantage of this to achieve maximum energy yield. They are just as much a part of our customer base as system suppliers and suppliers for the offshore industry. Our engineering specialists support all of them with tailored services - no matter what the issue. The bright minds at our company get to work on offshore foundations or jack-up and converter rigs (installation and support ships).

We also have in-depth knowledge of shipbuilding. Here, specialist shipbuilders, naval shipbuilders, riverboat builders, luxury yacht and recreational boat builders benefit from the expertise of our specialists. They provide support in the design and construction of ships, including equipment, as well as in the preparation, verification and development of basic documents, for example in deckhouse construction.

Rostock: working at a holiday destination

At our FERCHAU Rostock Marine branch, we offer our IT and engineering specialists challenging and varied project assignments at exciting maritime companies. We also provide support wherever we can when it comes to professional development. So it’s no wonder that not only the native north Germans quickly feel at home with us in Rostock. Employees from other parts of Germany also appreciate the mild coastal climate, the down-to-earth people and the view of the open sea.

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