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Salary and collec­tive wage agree­ment at FERCHAU

Employees’ remuneration in Germany is based on the collective wage agreement set out by the Federal Employers’ Association of Personnel Service Providers e. V. (BAP), we supplement this with our own monetary and social benefits, which go beyond the standard for this sector. The collective wage agreement applies to all technical employees of FERCHAU GmbH employed on the basis of temporary employment or a works and service contracts. However, by contrast, employees who work in central functions or in the back office, recruitment or sales, and who work in one of our branches, have individual salary bands, also with attractive additional benefits. The collective wage agreement does not apply if the position advertised relates to permanent employment with our client. As an owner-managed company, values such as obligation and transparency are particularly important to us. See the FERCHAU portfolio of services for yourself!


Industry allo­wances

You can also benefit from industry allowances in addition to your monthly salary, depending on the type of contract and industry in which you will be working for us. Your contact will explain whether industry allowances apply and, if so, to what extent, during the application process.

Your feed­back is important to us

One of our principles is to involve our employees in the further development of our company. We regularly gather feedback on personal interviews, as well as applicant and employee surveys, in order to continuously improve our performance.

Fair condi­tions

We guarantee our employees a contractually agreed monthly salary as a basis. The classification is based on the professional work and/or the scope of responsibility that the employee assumes. This lets us provide fair, market-orientated remuneration.

Your work­place

Our broad-based presence throughout Germany means: flexibility adapted to your needs, whether you work on site with our customers, in a branch or in one of our engineering offices. In addition, travel times and costs are clearly regulated at FERCHAU.

Future prospects

Our employees are our greatest asset, which is why we invest in them. We will offer you various training formats, from seminars to e-learning for personal and professional development, at our ABLEacademy - our in-house training institute.

You can count on us

Build on your income at FERCHAU. We will pay you a regular salary, naturally also during holidays, illness and project downtimes. That is our promise to you as an employer. Moreover, 95 % of our employees are permanently employed.

Additional and social benefits

Our attrac­tive bene­fits for you

The focus is on people at FERCHAU. That is why, as an employee, you will enjoy many additional benefits that go beyond the usual market standards:

  • Company pension plan
  • Workplace health promotion
  • Family consultation service
  • Nursery allowance
  • Purchasing benefits
  • Sports groups
  • Staff events
  • Marriage and birth allowance
  • Anniversary payment
  • Subsidy for screen workplace glasses
Compensation structure and collective wage agreement

Frequently asked ques­tions

As transparency is essential for us, we are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions about our collective wage agreement and salaries at FERCHAU. Please contact the colleagues in your “preferred” branch should you still have questions.

On which factors does the salary depend?

The salary is based on the Federal Employers’ Association of Personnel Service Providers (BAP) collective wage agreement and the classification criteria it sets out. Industry allowances are also possible.

Why does FERCHAU apply the BAP collec­tive wage agree­ment?

The decisive factor in our choice of the BAP collective wage agreement is the reform of the German Temporary Employment Act in 2017 and the associated enforcement of the principle of equal pay. The collective wage agreement fully meets our customers’ requirements, and applies the industry allowance model, unlike other collective wage agreements. It meets the minimum standards of the industries in which we operate.

What are the equal pay rules at FERCHAU?

The BAP collective wage agreement allows us to offer equal pay after nine months as well as equal pay after 15 months. The equal pay ruling that applies depends on the project remit.

How is the issue of salary regu­lated for employees in the bran­ches in Germany?

The salaries and conditions of employees in our branches (Back office, Recruitment, Sales) are subject to internal conditions and salary bands. We will discuss your salary expectations with you during the application process.

How are sala­ries outside Germany regu­lated at FERCHAU?

Our collective wage agreement and the associated additional benefits are governed by the law in Germany. Therefore, alternative provisions apply in Austria, France and Spain. A minimum annual gross salary is included in the respective job advertisement for all positions in Austria. We would recommend contacting the local colleagues for more information on remuneration in the respective countries.

Global branches

What bene­fits are offered in addi­tion to the BAP collec­tive wage agree­ment?

We supplement the BAP's collective wage agreement with our own voluntary additional benefits, which are not customary in the industry: They include holidays beyond the agreed collective rate, as well as special holiday and travel time regulations. Overtime remuneration is also regulated by FERCHAU benefits in addition to the BAP collective wage agreement. Additional benefits are listed further up on this page.

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