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Workflow-based project management

This is how relaX works

relaX stands for ‘Relation Xcellence’ and this name says it all. As a collaboration platform, relaX brings together all parties involved in a works or service contract: clients, contractors, employees of the contractor and even subcontractors such as freelancers. The predefined workflows are what make relaX so special. They guarantee that contractually relevant and legally permissible interactions can take place. The structure rules out unauthorised instructions from clients to contractors. As the entire collaboration is mapped within the framework of the tool, complete project documentation is created that can be viewed at any time.

Functions of the tools

How you will benefit from relax

Legally compliant proces­sing

  • Hard roles and rights system
  • Prohibiting direct communication between the client, the contractor’s vicarious agents and possible subcontractors (e.g. freelancers)
  • Provision of contractually relevant and development-specific documents to all parties involved in the project
  • Employee alerts to representatives if, for example, customers might issue instructions

Pre-defined work­flows

  • Managing contracts and projects via representatives of the companies involved
  • Processes coordinated by the representative can be passed on to employees via relaX
  • Everyone involved in the project is integrated in relaX and contributes to the project documentation.

A maximum level of secu­rity

  • Direct interface with the ERP system of the service provider or licensee
  • Encryption of all communication, including document transfers (sha256RSA)
  • German Cloud – all data is in held German data space and treated according to German data protection law
  • Data backup exclusively in Germany
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