Well-positioned for efficient project work

A strong partner with mari­time know­ledge and exper­tise

Above and below water we are the go-to company for firms in civil and marine shipping and the offshore industry. FERCHAU MARINE represents a strong partner to help you bring your maritime developments on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to a successful conclusion.

Our corporate slogan: “Quality is when the customer comes back”. It is not without good reason that shipyards like Thyssen Krupp MARINE Systems are one of our strategic partners and put their trust in our expertise.

We have the knowledge and expertise you need for your engineering projects on the high seas – whether for the intricate and time-consuming design of an offshore project or for extremely sophisticated submarine technology. Our engineers, designers, project and quality managers can assist you with construction supervision in the shipyard as well as with feasibility studies for wind farms.

And there’s more: we often turn to the expertise of freelance specialists, engineering offices and consulting companies for specific orders. They complement us with their specific specialist knowledge and open up completely new business prospects in maritime engineering through the large FERCHAU MARINE network.

FERCHAU for customers

Made-to-measure full service

FERCHAU MARINE combines different qualities to relieve the pressure in your operational business as best as possible. Our efficient sales and one-face-to-the-customer philosophy guarantee simple and fast communication and coordination for you.

You can expect this same level of service from us across all areas of cooperation. Whether a project group on site drives forward one of your projects or an engineering office takes over a complex work package – FERCHAU MARINE delivers a reliable conclusion, legal certainty and high-end solutions in the technical field.

Flexible – as required

Three times the first-class service

Let us provide you with the support you need in your daily work with Engineering Support, Engineering Competence and Managed Services.

Engineering Support: Our employees can supplement your development teams to help at peak order times, with capacity bottlenecks, on non-standard projects or should you need specialist knowledge and expertise. In short, this means that you benefit from qualified support and can retain full flexibility without putting lasting strain on your budget.

Three times the first-class service

Outsour­cing of complete work packages

Engineering Competence: Companies have tasks that can be easily specified. We can provide you with the appropriate organisation and handle the work on your behalf at agreed costs. We also have direct access to highly specialist knowledge and expertise through our partner network.

Managed Services: Transfer the supervision of service providers to FERCHAU when their coordination and management become onerous. We will increase the quality and transparency of all associated processes, allowing you to focus fully on your projects and the tasks in hand.

Everything at a glance

The bene­fits for you

  • You can react flexibly and efficiently to operational peaks
  • You benefit from the special knowledge and expertise of our employees and partners
  • You have a personal contact for all your concerns
  • You can handle your budgets more flexibly
  • You save resources by outsourcing complete work packages
  • We prioritise compliance and legal certainty
  • You can focus on your core business
FERCHAU for Freelancers

Exciting projects above and below water

Would you like to use your knowledge and expertise in diverse shipbuilding and marine engineering projects? Our customer base includes traditional as well as innovative companies in all sectors of the maritime industry. FERCHAU MARINE tenders for projects which small engineering firms and freelancers would struggle to win. Cooperating with us therefore offers major potential for your business. See for yourself.

Contract models and remuneration

Flexible adap­ta­tion to your requi­re­ments

You do not have to adapt to new processes when working with FERCHAU MARINE. We adapt to your needs, offering you a range of cooperation models. We would be happy to arrange a fixed price for the entire project, conclude a capacity agreement or calculate your fee on an hourly basis – it’s up to you. This ensures that we keep the organisational costs low for you, leaving you to concentrate fully on your core business. By appointing a single point of contact we also save you lengthy communication channels and ensure an efficient workload.

Clear conditions

Relia­bi­lity in all areas

You can calculate the cost of projects with us, reliably and with minimal organisation cost. We guarantee this through precise briefings, fixed contracts and by taking responsibility for the entire administrative burden. Fair and binding contracts guarantee security for you at all levels: in planning, capacity and income. We are professionals and have years of experience in working with self-employed people. We understand the way you work and the specific challenges you face particularly in times of continuous supplier consolidation.

The benefits for you

Ever­y­thing at a glance

  • Planning, capacity and income security through fair contracts
  • Attractive and challenging projects throughout the entire maritime industry
  • Your own portal to showcase your knowledge and expertise
  • Relief in terms of contract acquisition
  • Expansion of your portfolio
  • Direct and expert contacts
  • Reduced administrative burden thanks to FERCHAU
  • Flexibility through versatile contract and remuneration models