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Well-posi­tioned along the North Sea and the Baltic Sea

Close to the coast – and our customers: that’s FERCHAU MARINE. Whether Bremen, Bremerhaven, Leer, Hamburg, Kiel, Rostock or Gdańsk – we are located at all the strategically important sites in the industry. A local presence is important to us, and ensures that we can guarantee fast and seamless handling of your project.

Divisional Management

We steer FERCHAU MARINE on course for success

Since it was set up, the FERCHAU MARINE Division has grown into a key partner of the maritime industry. Now located at seven different sites, we support companies in the planning and implementation of shipbuilding and offshore engineering projects. FERCHAU MARINE is controlled by the Divisional Management Board in Bremerhaven. We ensure that we will also be in a good position to handle all your future projects – through the continuous training of our employees and the ongoing expansion of our strategic partnerships with major shipyards and operators of offshore wind farms.


Divisional Management

Grashoffstraße 727570Bremerhaven

Phone +49 471 98212-0

Fax +49 471 98212-99



From specia­list vessels to mega-yachts

Bremen has become an internationally important hub for the wind energy and maritime industry. MARINE Bremen’s remit ranges from basic to detailed engineering and manufacturing engineering – including interface management, construction supervision and commissioning. Its key expertise includes engine room and deck coordination, equipment and fit-out design and marine electrics, as well as quality, project and environmental management. Our team works both on planning as well as on design implementation in the wind energy sector, where calculation and validation are key aspects.


Florian Zeichner

Florian Zeichner



Lloydstraße 4-628217Bremen

Phone +49 421 89815-0

Fax +49 421 89815-199



A team working for your success

“Full steam ahead for our customers’ projects” is the mantra that defines the approach of the MARINE Leer team to supporting shipyards and suppliers for cruise liners, specialist vessels and research ships. Its expertise includes engine room and deck coordination, steel construction, equipment and fit-out design, basic engineering, shipping theory and marine electrics. Its services also include documentation, construction management and quality, project and environmental management. Alongside shipbuilding we also operate in offshore engineering. The focus is on detailed engineering, technical documentation, project and quality management as well as HSE issues.


Leer Marine

Am Nesseufer 2826789Leer

Phone +49 491 2048914-0

Fax +49 421 56557-10


MARINE Hamburg

At home onshore and offshore

MARINE Hamburg is involved with civilian and military shipbuilding as well as the maritime industry as a whole. Our team focuses on the construction of yachts and naval ships, as well as the repair of cruise liners, mega-yachts and specialist vessels. In the offshore sector, we support energy providers and wind farm operators with engineering through to commissioning and beyond. Our specialist expertise includes steel construction, routing, equipment and fit-outs, as well as deck and machine coordination. We are also able to take on construction management and supervision with welding engineers, coating inspectors, and project and quality managers on request.




Nagelsweg 33-3520097Hamburg

Phone +49 40 2385333

Fax +49 40 234862



On course above and below water

Kiel is a key centre for the German Navy and the shipbuilding industry due to its unique position on the Kiel Fjord and its natural deep-water harbour. MARINE Kiel is an important partner in this. As a full-service engineering service provider, we offer our customers everything large companies need: from database programming for logistics manuals, the production of technical drawings, composite fibreglass exterior shells, operations planning, capacity and resource planning to quality management in shipyard logistics.



Markus Beer

Markus Beer


Kiel Marine

Neufeldtstraße 624118Kiel

Phone +49 431 36445-0

Fax +49 431 36445-28


MARINE Rostock

Sea View

MARINE Rostock provides support where the strong coastal wind drives the wind energy sector. We offer our customers engineering support for offshore foundations, jack-up and converter platforms, the design and construction of ships including equipment, and the production, testing and development of basic documents. We therefore act as system suppliers and suppliers to the offshore industry, as well as specialist vessel builders, marine shipbuilders, river boat-builders, luxury yacht and sports boat builders, and are also an important partner to their system suppliers and other suppliers.


Karsten Schulz

Karsten Schulz


Rostock Marine

Am Bahnhof 118119Rostock

Phone +49 381 778938-0

Fax +49 381 778938-27



Wind of change in a tradi­tional port town

Gdańsk has traditionally been, and still is today, an important site in the shipyard industry. The focus of MARINE Gdańsk is on shipbuilding for cruise liners, specialist vessels and research ships. Project priorities include spatial integration, engine room and deck coordination, steel construction and in fit-out design and construction. Our shipbuilding engineers work closely with the different trades (mechanical engineering, design, electrical and manufacturing), check feasibility, develop solutions and implement them in CAD.


Florian Zeichner

Florian Zeichner


Gdansk Marine

Chmielna 103/104 80748 Gdansk

Phone +48 587129 259

Fax +48 587129 259