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Would you like to work on various projects in the aerospace and defence sector? With us, you will not give up your freedom as a freelancer. You can also benefit from the support of a strong partner, even for international projects for well-known customers.

Because of their flexibility and excellent skills, freelancers and partners are an important part of our interdisciplinary teams. You will put your expertise to good use through our long-term business relationships with leading aerospace and defence companies. The FERCHAU Aviation Group helps freelancers make valuable contacts with top clients and work on exciting projects. In this way, we bridge the gap between people and technology and bring every vision to life.

Good reasons for working with the FERCHAU Avia­tion Group

Your bene­fits as a free­lancer

Colla­bo­ra­tion models tailored to your needs

We offer a range of attractive collaboration models. We can agree on a fixed price for the entire project, conclude a capacity contract or calculate your fees by the hour. We will consider the nature of the project, as well as your own organisation and interests in finding the best solution for both parties.

Safety in all project phases

With us, your projects will be safe, streamlined and require little organisational effort. We guarantee this security with precise briefings, high quality standards and the handling of all administrative tasks. Our contracts ensure security at all levels: planning, workload and income. A permanent contact person will take care of communication and help you to obtain assignments so that you can concentrate on your core business. After many years of experience, we know how freelancers work and the specific challenges they face.

An effi­cient bridge to the aero­space and defence sector

As an end-to-end development partner for aerospace and defence and a preferred supplier to the Airbus Group and other leading OEMs for decades, we are your springboard to exciting and varied projects which you might not otherwise have had access to. This is an opportunity for you to expand your project portfolio. Our customers include major players in the European aerospace and defence industry, as well as well-known companies in related sectors. These companies can vary in size from traditional niche suppliers to medium-sized specialist companies and international organisations.

Ready to move up a gear?

Let us discuss the oppor­tu­ni­ties

Are you a freelancer who wants to work on international projects in the aerospace and defence sector? Contact our staff directly at the branch of your choice.

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