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Our branches in Spain

Close to the cust­omer, inter­na­ti­onal network

FERCHAU Spain supports its customers as a Full-Service technology provider in complex engineering and IT projects. Through our exceptional branches in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao and Valencia, we provide optimal cover for the close collaboration needs of leading technology companies. We are also a competent and reliable partner in European tenders with the best experts, who speak the language of your customers.

Barcelona Sant Cugat

Hub for global excel­lence in Infor­ma­tion Tech­no­logy

In the heart of Catalonia, companies from a wide range of high-tech sectors are driving the region's economic importance ever further. Our FERCHAU branch in Barcelona Sant Cugat also contributes to economic prosperity - with customised IT services.

In recent years, the Catalan city has become a geographical reference for technology companies which develop the growth of digital capabilities through R&D and transformation processes and also promote technological innovation.

To meet the new challenges and paradigms of today's modern industry, specialisation and the outsourcing of IT services is a must. For this reason, FERCHAU has chosen this location as a nearby strategic satellite to enable us to meet the challenges of our most important customers in the region.

No matter whether for Industry 4.0, software development, application development or embedded systems - our IT specialists develop future-oriented and customised solutions. In order to continue to our growth, we are also constantly on the lookout for bright and ambitious minds which share our passion for technological progress.

Ramón Bresco FerreroRamón Bresco FerreroSite ManagerAvinguda de Cerdanyola, 92-9408173 Sant Cugat del Vallès+34 699 396 677

Engi­nee­ring and IT in the heart of Cata­lonia

Barcelona is a technological hub which is renowned both in Europe and internationally. A significant part of this capacity is located in the 22@ district, where we have our FERCHAU Barcelona-City branch offices.

One of our main objectives is to become a major player in the process of transforming technological know-how and innovation into useful solutions, services and projects for society and key sectors in the city's business network.

Our experts work in multidisciplinary project teams and in close cooperation with clients to develop and optimise their products and processes. Irrespective of whether for software development, embedded systems, additive manufacturing or Industry 4.0, we make our customers future-proof.

With the growth of our Barcelona-City branch, we are continuously expanding our pool of IT specialists. Exciting projects with highly interesting international companies, excellent career prospects and team communication based on collaboration are good reasons to apply for a job with us in Barcelona. Another big plus is Barcelona itself, one of the most attractive cities in Europe.

Jorge MontielJorge MontielSite ManagerCalle de Pujades, 51, 5508005 Barcelona+34 608122784

The capital of Spanish engi­nee­ring

Since 2012, our FERCHAU branch in Madrid has brought together brilliant minds in the fields of engineering and IT. Here, our technology services are as diversified as the mix of business sectors and include all technical aspects in all phases of a project. In Madrid, we work especially in the civil and military aviation industry, the automotive and railways sectors and in mechanical engineering.

Our engineering specialists work in all technical areas of classical engineering, including system and device integration, production technology, construction and calculation. Together with our customers, we promote technical innovations and sustainably ensure the business future of companies. As a long-standing Tier 1 supplier for the Airbus Group, we are capable of assuming complex work packages in the transnational sphere, where high technical quality and substantial financial profit combine.

By expanding our IT knowledge, we are taking the digitalisation of products and processes to a new level. This includes consulting and software development, as well as the area of cybersecurity and Industry 4.0. IT and engineering experts looking for an interesting job in the industries of the future and in one of the most exciting cities in Europe are in good hands with FERCHAU Madrid.

Ana M. MongeAna M. MongeHead of EngineeringCalle Miguel Faraday, 20, 2228906 Getafe+34 (91) 1291-100

IT and cyber secu­rity - when the best solu­tion counts

Madrid is home to the nucleus of FERCHAU Spain and also to the newest branch office. Our second site in the capital city develops solutions specifically for IT and cyber security requirements. This allows us to combine the many advantages of the region with the high demand - and accompany our customers to the next level.

The perfect solution for the customer counts here - which is why our pool of IT specialists continues to develop in line with demand. Because each software project and every industry has different requirements in terms of IT skills and certifications. In addition to expert employees, we rely on freelancers with special competences who are integrated into the teams for specific tasks. The customer has the option to access experts on a time & material basis or have us solve the task as an all-in competence project.

Our IT expertise ranges from business applications to embedded software and from smartphone apps to large cloud platforms. Developers with various levels of experience are available, with projects focussing on data analytics and big data, business intelligence (BI) and automation platforms. Everything is in the cloud and on the safe side, because we also have experts for audits and cyber security. Moreover, in addition to software development, we support our clients with IT consultants.

Ana M. MongeAna M. MongeHead of EngineeringAv. Sur del Aeropuerto de Barajas, 38, Edificio 38, Barajas,28042 Madrid+34 (91) 1291-100

A bridge to the future

Bilbao is a Spanish economic centre with a wide mix of sectors looking to the future. Our FERCHAU branch has adapted to this diversity and offers comprehensive technological services to companies in the region with above average economic development.

The main industrial areas in Bilbao are for automobiles, rail transport, wind energy, aviation and mechanical engineering. Equally diverse are our engineering services, which are tailored precisely to the requirements of our customers: from development and construction to quality management, simulation and FEM calculations.

Wherever there are innovative industries, the demand for IT knowledge has increased rapidly in recent years. Consequently, we have significantly expanded our IT specialist base and have proven our skills in many successfully completed projects, for example in connection with Industry 4.0 and IT Outsourcing. Process analysis, control development and automation solutions are also in demand, as well as development projects in the fields of electricity/electronics and Smart Grids. As we want to continue to position ourselves broadly for the future, we are looking for competent IT experts who are interested in actively helping to shape the future of technology.

Mikel RamirezMikel RamirezSite ManagerC. del Cardenal Gardoqui, 148008 Bilbao+34 94 471 60 81

Launch pad for the avia­tion and auto­mo­bile sectors

Seville is a cradle of European aviation. Today, the Airbus Group produces the final assembly of most modern aircraft transport here. It is not surprising that our FERCHAU branch in Seville is primarily involved with aeronautical and space industry companies, with versatile and customised IT and engineering services.

Our experts' portfolio of services is tailored to the needs of the aviation industry. Among other things, there are the successful transnational MAP projects. We also take care of design, final assembly and testing areas, as well as engineering services to improve production processes. In addition to the aeronautical and space industries, the automotive sector is also of major importance for us in Seville.

A wide variety of assignments in world-renowned companies await our engineering and IT specialists. They are primarily concerned with making our customers' complex products and processes fit for the future in the context of digitalisation. And, as we want to continue growing in the future, we are always looking for new colleagues, regardless of whether they are young professionals or experienced specialists.

Ana M. MongeAna M. MongeHead of EngineeringPlaza Aviador Ruiz de Alda, 1141004 Sevilla+34 95 551 50 23

Leading in digital tech­no­logy

FERCHAU Valencia stands for comprehensive engineering and IT services for valencian companies. Our technological focus: digital transformation, analytics and artificial intelligence.

We are convinced that the Internet of Things can profoundly change the way companies work. We create new services, increase the availability of your devices and reduce costs - in the optimal time.

We know that next-generation solutions powered by IoT, AI, machine learning and robotics technologies are facilitating the future of work and enabling businesses to achieve real competitive advantage at a time when the customer demands a digital experience.

Based on our knowledge of your industry challenges and years of experience, our experts work closely with your teams geographically, culturally and linguistically. You can rest assured: We master a wide range of technologies and standards - always with the aim of developing high-quality engineering and IT solutions in line with your requirements and needs. 

Last but not least, our support team guarantees continuity of service, updates and improvements to the solutions we implement. 

Enrique NavarroEnrique NavarroSite ManagerParque Tecnológico de Valencia, Ronda Narciso Monturiol, 7, 946980 Paterna+34 961 257 253
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