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Automation, digitalisation and simulation are still important issues for plant engineering. They optimise processes, improve quality and, last but not least, increase profitability. Environmental protection, sustainability and safety are also increasingly important. Bright, ambitious minds at FERCHAU develop smart engineering solutions for systems and processes, which also meet the requirements of tomorrow.

At FERCHAU, we support companies in the development of future-oriented technologies in all plant construction matters. Our engineers, technicians, product designers and IT experts have solid and sustainable experience in solutions for the entire value chain - from initial conception to planning plant modifications and managing downtime. We know that the importance of environmentally friendly processes continues to grow, which is why we are designing pioneering manufacturing processes in Europe, in line with the blue economy.

Our deep knowledge and many years of experience in the sector means we, at FERCHAU, are synonymous with efficient management, innovative projects and simple plant construction processes. Our engineers take advantage of the possibilities of modern technology, optimise processes with the proper IT tools and use virtual engineering. We guarantee maximum safety in planning. Our motto: an overview of all disciplines and cost drivers, at all times.

Certified knowledge and know-how

Our compe­tence in the sector

Our range of plant construc­tion services

Project manage­ment

  • Project coordination and assistance
  • Scheduling and follow-up of deadlines
  • Implementation planning and TAR Management
  • Project development
  • Worksite management
  • Claim management
  • Document management

Basic and detailed engi­nee­ring

  • Idea, concept, interpretation and details
  • Process schemes / R&D
  • Installation and pipeline planning
  • Calculations
  • Process layout
  • Process simulation
  • Specifications

Quality manage­ment

  • Failure analysis
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Process auditing
  • System-FMEA
  • Choosing suppliers
  • Production supervision
  • Maintenance management

Elec­trical/MSR engi­nee­ring

  • Hardware planning
  • Electrical and connection drawings
  • Implementation plans
  • Loops and Hook-ups
  • PLC programming
  • Process control technology and visualisation
  • Testing and commissioning

Safety and super­vi­sory engi­nee­ring

  • Safety management
  • Emissions plan
  • WHG, VbF, TA Luft
  • Reports and consulting
  • Process auditing


  • As-built documentation
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Review of as-built plans
  • Supplier documentation preparation
Customised technology services

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Our Full Service promise

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