Connecting People and Technologies for the Next Level

The telecommunications sector and media industry are closely linked. Whereas the former is the nervous system of the entire economy, specifically also for media companies, the media as such handle the content themselves: news, music, video streaming, new worlds of purchasing, games, etc. Technical advance and digitalisation are the responses to the multiple challenges of both. At FERCHAU, we support telecommunications providers and media companies in implementing technology fast and safely and improving their resilience to future challenges, such as threats via cyber criminality.

Here, the telcos’ future tasks are immense: the latest network generations such as 5G/6G must start-up even faster, restructuring from copper to fibreglass devours vast amounts of money. Simultaneously, competition is growing from big-tech companies. FERCHAU supports the telecommunications sector from embedded programming up to business and process consulting, new searching and finding options to achieve attractive margins and generate value.

Our developers and consultants have several years’ experience in the development of mobile apps, backend systems, networks as well as complex Cloud infrastructures. Using our know-how, we elaborate digitalisation strategies which are perfectly tailored to the telecommunications providers’ needs and extend the central position of the telecommunications industry further, making it more flexible and robust at the same time. Various efficiency programmes also ensure savings – for the CO₂ balance and energy costs.

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