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We take responsibility for your success. Your most complex development projects for critical applications in the aviation, defence and space industries are in good hands with us. The technical experience over many years of our engineers and IT specialists makes us the preferred supplier to the European aerospace and defence sectors.

Digital transformation is redefining the foundations in the aviation, space and defence industries: from classic product and system development to legacy transformation, cybersecurity, model-based systems engineering, extended reality and data analysis; our multidisciplinary teams of experts take our customers' engineering solutions to the next level. FERCHAU development engineers, project managers and process and systems engineers are prepared to respond to all project requirements throughout the value chain: from classic to responsive, from simple designs to complete architecture systems, which are always sustainable, safe and efficient.

As one of Europe's leading engineering and IT service providers, we have branches in all major aerospace sites. In addition, we have all essential certifications for the sector. Our high internal standards, solid knowledge base in the latest technologies and a network of international partners mean we have been one of the preferred suppliers for the Airbus Group and other recognized OEMs for decades. Our basic values from initial concept to implementation are the highest quality criteria and absolute process reliability in the development of mission-critical systems and applications.

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Our range of services for the aviation, space and defence industry


  • Product and system engineering for structural, cabin, interior, aeronautical and avionics systems
  • Cabin and cargo engineering
  • Cabin electronics
  • Simulators, demonstrators and cabin trainers
  • Primary and secondary structures
  • Structural repair
  • Power and support systems
  • Electricity and wiring
  • Instrumentation and flight test systems
  • Testing systems
  • Aircraft conversion
  • Production devices and equipment
  • Wire harnesses


  • Product and system engineering for shuttles, satellites, payloads and ground systems
  • Interpretation and experimental design
  • Independent verification and validation of software
  • Electrical and mechanical floor systems 
  • Wire harnesses


  • Product and system engineering for aquatic, land and air defence systems
  • Avionic Engineering
  • Electronic recognition
  • Tactical systems
  • Mission management systems
  • Simulators
  • Virtual training solutions
  • Systems testing
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Our Full Service promise

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