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These are exciting times for the vehicle sector: We work as a development partner and technology service provider for our customers on the major issues of tomorrow. E-mobility is going to play an increasing role. Trend-setting innovations that have a lasting influence on the mobility of the future need to be developed to make autonomous driving a part of everyone's everyday life. And our automotive and IT specialists are making decisive contributions in these technologies right now.

Self-learning driver assistance systems will significantly improve the driver experience and increase convenience. The constant development of car connectivity opens up new possibilities for vehicle operation and allows smart devices to connect with traffic and user data. Our IT experts specialising in car security will ensure these data will be as well protected as possible, to keep vehicles secure from hacker attacks.

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Welcome to the future of mobi­lity

In the age of digital technology, innovation requires specialised knowledge and a multidisciplinary approach. Our automotive and IT specialists are concerned with integrated mobility. Knowing the challenges posed by the vehicle industry, we develop solutions for the needs of tomorrow.

Auto­no­mous Driving

There’s no doubt about it, autonomous driving is the future of private transport. FERCHAU is developing vehicles towards autonomy level 4, so there is more time for the essentials while driving. We are developing new sensors and artificial intelligence systems to achieve safer, more convenient driving. Our algorithms make vehicles move and stop at the right time.

For a technological revolution and greater safety on the road.


Driving in built-up areas and the lack of resources are the challenges for the future. Our automotive and IT specialists are developing sustainable driving concepts and on-board storage technologies. However, the future of electric mobility does not entail changes in the vehicle. Charging infrastructure and technologies are complex aspects to develop, and we are currently working on these for our customers.

For sustainable driving, even on the longest trips.


The digitalisation of vehicle technology brings with it new challenges. Our IT specialists protect all data and communication channels against car hacking. Firewalls protect transmission paths and ensure that no one can access data from the outside without authorisation. We make vehicles move securely and quickly through the Internet of things.

For greater security, both in the vehicle and in the cloud.


Whether parking, opening the door or locking the trunk, voice and gesture controlled assistance systems make vehicle operation easier and more intuitive than ever. Our automotive and IT specialists work on multifunctional concepts inside vehicles, while you work over the Internet or simply relax. New interior design ideas are doing away with the classic seating arrangement and offering more space for communication between passengers.

For an innovative driving experience with real added value.


The integration of mobile devices and networks with the outside world are promoting technology inside vehicles. We are working on new real-time transmission technologies to communicate intuitively with both the vehicle and environment using gestures. Head-up displays use augmented reality to display data directly in the field of view. FERCHAU is developing Car2X software to enable cars to network intelligently and react in advance.

For smart, car-to-car communication.

Those who shape the future must stay flexible

Custo­mised tech­no­logy services

As Europe's leading engineering and IT services platform, we help you overcome a variety of technology challenges. And this is possible only with the sharpest minds.

Whether fixed price, hourly rate or complete project, freelancer, project group or direct placement: our offer is always based on your individual requirements. Our success is based on flexible collaboration models, responsive processes and contracts that comply with regulations. FERCHAU - your partner for the future of Engineering and IT!

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