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These are exciting times for the Automotive sector: as a development partner and technology service provider, we are working on the relevant future-centric issues on behalf of our customers. E-mobility is set to play an increasingly important role. Pioneering innovations need to be developed in order to have a lasting impact on the mobility of the future and enable autonomous driving to become an everyday reality for all. It’s a technological area in which our Automotive and IT specialists are already making a decisive formative contribution.

Learning driver assistance systems will significantly increase comfort and provide even more support for drivers. The continued systematic development of car connectivity will enable new options in vehicle control and connect intelligent devices with user and traffic data. Our IT experts in the Car security section are working to ensure that this data is protected in the best possible way and that vehicles are safeguarded from car hacking attacks.

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Welcome to the future of mobi­lity

Innovations in the age of digital technologies require specialist knowledge and interdisciplinary approaches. Our automotive and IT specialists adopt an integrated approach to mobility. We recognise the challenges presented by the Automotive sector and develop solutions to meet the requirements of the future.

Auto­no­mous Driving

Without a doubt: autonomous driving is the future of personal transport. FERCHAU is developing vehicles operating with Level 4 autonomy to leave more time for the essentials when driving. We are known for the development of innovative sensors and artificial intelligence for greater safety and driving comfort. Our algorithms get vehicles moving – and bring them to a stop at the right moments.

We’re working towards a revolution in engineering and enhanced safety on the road.


Urban transport spaces and scarce resources are the challenges of the future. Our Automotive and IT specialists are developing vehicle-based sustainable drive concepts and storage technologies. However, the future of e-mobility is not just set to bring about changes to the vehicle itself. Charging technologies and infrastructures are also complex development issues on which we are working on behalf of our customers.

We’re working towards a sustainable drive – even over long distances.


The digitalisation of vehicle engineering goes hand in hand with a host of new challenges. Our IT specialists are working on securing all data and communication paths against attacks by car hackers. Firewalls protect the transmission paths and ensure that no one can gain unauthorised external access to the data. We help vehicles to move securely and quickly in the Internet of Things.

We’re working to achieve greater security – both in vehicles and in the cloud.


Whether you wish to park, open the car door or close the boot – voice- and gesture-controlled assistance systems are making vehicle operation simpler and more intuitive than ever before. Our Automotive and IT specialists are working on multifunctional concepts for the vehicle interior offering the possibility of connected working or simply relaxing. New ideas for interior design are replacing the traditional seating layout, creating more space for communication between the passengers.

Working towards an innovative driving experience with real added value.


The integration of mobile devices and connectivity with the outside world are the technology drivers in the vehicle. We are working on innovative real-time transmission technologies for intuitive communication with the vehicle using gesture control and for communication with the environment. Head-up displays use Augmented Reality to visualise information directly in the driver’s field of view. FERCHAU is developing Car2X software, which enables cars to network intelligently and act with foresight.

We’re working towards intelligent vehicle communication – from car to car.

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