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Ques­tions and answers for free­lan­cers

You have found an interesting project but still have questions about the application process or about FERCHAU as a company? You can find some relevant information below. Should you still have questions, please get in touch with the FERCHAU branch contact responsible for the project.

FAQs on coope­ra­tion

What are the bene­fits of colla­bo­ra­ting with FERCHAU?

We are one of the 'major players' as the leading platform for first-class technology services and an economically sound company. Exact briefings from our experts will provide you with calculation and planning reliability. We handle the administrative work involved in lengthy tenders and time-consuming quoting and accounting. A range of remuneration models is available offering the flexibility of order-based payment for your services. Fixed contracts offer you a reliable workload and secure income.

In which tech­nical sectors does FERCHAU operate?

FERCHAU provides engineering and IT solutions to all technical sectors and fields. For more information visit our portfolio of services.

For which custo­mers does FERCHAU work?

Our customer base includes traditional niche providers, global players, component suppliers, OEMs, market-leading mid-sized specialists, and small start-ups. An overview of our references.

Will FERCHAU offer me varied and exci­ting IT projects?

We bring clients together with IT freelancers – on a level playing field. FERCHAU offers IT freelancers challenging and exciting work with the top companies in all sectors.

What remu­ne­ra­tion models does FERCHAU offer me as a free­lancer?

We adapt to your needs, offering you a range of cooperation models: hourly-rate payment, project-based fixed price or contractual capacity agreement.

Who is my contact throug­hout the project?

Tasks will be assigned and handled by the FERCHAU branch employee responsible for the project.

I have a ques­tion about the offer, order or invoice. Who can I turn to?

Your contact is the FERCHAU branch employee responsible for the project.

FAQs on the portal

What are the bene­fits of regis­te­ring with FERCHAU Free­lance?

Registering with FERCHAU Freelance gives you, as a freelancer, an exclusive opportunity to view the latest available projects, subscribe to them and pitch for projects. We will save your details. This way you do not need to complete a new contact form for every application. You can also take advantage of the advanced services offered by our central Expert Centre.

Who should I contact if I have ques­tions about the portal or my profile?

Our Expert Centre personnel will gladly answer your questions. You can reach us at: or by phone on: +49 2261 3006-400.

I have regis­tered on the portal. What is my next step?

Once you have successfully registered at FERCHAU Freelance, you can start looking for projects that match your skill set right away.

Can I update my profile at any time?

Yes. Simply log in to FERCHAU Freelance, send us your updated CV under CV-Upload and update your profile.

Who has access to the data I main­tain on the portal?

The data you have entered on the portal (contact details, qualifications, references) is available to all FERCHAU sales employees.

I would like to apply speci­fi­cally to a selected FERCHAU branch. What do I need to do?

You do not need to submit an application. Simply use the portal and update your profile. That way, the branch you have selected will also have access to your details.

How current are the projects listed on the portal?

The projects are up-to-the-minute. Once assigned, projects are immediately removed from the listing.

Who receives the offer I have submitted on the portal for a project out for tender?

The FERCHAU contact whose contact details are listed on the project details page will receive your offer. They will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Who should I contact with ques­tions about a project out for tender?

Please get in touch with the FERCHAU contact whose contact details are listed on the project details page.

I have submitted an offer through the portal for a project out for tender. When will I receive feed­back and from whom?

The person responsible for the project (whose contact details are listed on the project details page) will get back to you as soon as possible.

I would like to receive infor­ma­tion about new projects out for tender. What do I need to do?

Once you have registered with FERCHAU Freelance, you can log in every day to look for new projects that match your skill set. You also have the opportunity to subscribe to projects. You will find the relevant functions on the project search.

Can I delete my profile from FERCHAU Free­lance?

Yes. Please inform the Expert Centre personnel when you do so. You can reach us at: or by phone on: +49 2261 3006-400.

Is protec­ting my details a prio­rity at FERCHAU?

Yes. We guarantee that the collection, processing and use of your data is done in accordance with the regulations of the Data Protection Act. You can find more information on our privacy page.

I am expe­ri­en­cing tech­nical problems with FERCHAU Free­lance. What are the tech­nical requi­re­ments for using the portal?

The portal works with all modern internet browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera). You need to enable Javascript in your browser.

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