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Possible fields of employment

Process engi­nee­ring

Would you like to design and develop process engineering plant and equipment? Design and optimise process workflows? Do your expertise lie in the creation of technical specifications and other planning documents, such as pipework and instrumentation diagrams? We can offer you access to exciting and varied projects in chemical, mechanical or biological process engineering – whether as a technician, draughtsman or engineer.

MSR engi­nee­ring

You will ensure the smooth running of complex equipment and systems with your work in instrumentation and control engineering and regulation technology. You will design and develop appropriate concepts and solutions for plant and equipment or be heavily involved in their implementation and commissioning. You will monitor the progress of the project, the costs and the suppliers, or ensure regular maintenance and repair after commissioning. Take your instrumentation and control engineering as well as your career to the next level as a technician, design engineer or project engineer.


You will work on the initial design and monitoring of the relevant building services system components. You will design new processes or optimise existing ones to obtain the most energy-efficient and economical solution. You will support or manage large building services projects and work with renowned companies in the industry as a designer, technician or project manager.

Piping engi­nee­ring

Take pipework planning to a new level with us. You are always on the lookout for the best solution with your passion for technology and progress. You will produce construction, layout and pipework plans and model the corresponding pipe runs as a designer or pipework planner. Or you will take over the monitoring of pipework construction, including the coordination of all the trades involved, as a project or construction site manager. These are just two of the many possible prospects available to you in piping engineering.

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Current job offers plant engi­nee­ring

Diverse career paths

Our types of contract

Temporary employment or labour and service contract? Freelancer or personnel placement? In a branch, engineering office or at the customer's site? Learn more about the career paths available to you with FERCHAU!

Types of contract

Remuneration & additional benefits

Your salary

We have summarised all the key information relating to your salary and the Federal Employers’ Association of Personnel Service Providers (BAP) collective salary agreement. Find out about our attractive additional perks and benefits as well.

Collective wage agreement & salary

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Ques­tions and answers

Would you like to know how we organise the application process, how long a project lasts or where you might be working? We have compiled a list of relevant questions relating to your application and your work at FERCHAU.


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