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Managed Service Providing

Top-of-the-line HR manage­ment

Take the sourcing and control of your external personnel and suppliers to the next level with Managed Service Providing offered by our sister company prime-ing. Our outsourcing solutions for the management of your temporary employment, service or works contracts combine superior efficiency with maximum legal compliance.

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Master vendor management

Greater relief, effi­ci­ency and effec­tiveness

Transfer the supervision of service providers to FERCHAU when their coordination and management become onerous. We will increase the quality and transparency of all associated processes, allowing you to focus fully on your projects and the tasks in hand. Hand over time-consuming administrative work to us with FERCHAU Master Vendor Management. We will take over (all) commissioning, procurement and control processes for external personnel for you. In doing so, we ensure greater relief, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as legal compliance. Every company is different, so we adapt our services precisely to your needs. We will advise you and coordinate your individual solution with you.

What you can expect from us

Our service promise

#legal comp­li­ance

Are you are concerned about inadvertently finding yourself surreptitiously committed to temporary employment? Our Managed Service Providing models will help to ensure legal compliance.


Are you looking for the brightest talents? We will find the ideal candidates to support your company: for your Production and your Research & Development department or your Management team.


Would you like maximum transparency throughout the entire procurement process? Our solutions will ensure that you always maintain an overview and total control over all process steps.


Would you like to save costs? We will ensure increased efficiency with our shortened and accelerated processes. You will achieve savings and increase your profitability, in conjunction with other measures.

#per­fect fit

Would you like something other than an off-the-peg, standard solution? We will create an individual Managed Service Providing model together with you, because we know that you and your projects are unique.


What sets us apart from the competition? Our solutions for you are as individual as our customers themselves. You won't have to compromise when outsourcing projects and processes because we tailor our solutions precisely to your needs.

Collaboration platform for works and service contracts

Digital excel­lence thanks to relax

relaX sets new standards in Managed Service Providing for works and service contracts. The intuitive software tool was developed as a collaboration platform to take pressure off you and avoid errors.

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Are you looking for an engineering or IT specialist? 130,000 experts are waiting for you on our digital platform “FYND”!

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