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Success stories made by FERCHAU

Whether in IT, the pharmaceuticals industry or the automotive sector – our exceptional know-how in all the decisive disciplines has already convinced many customers to collaborate. Together with our FERCHAU experts, customers from a wide range of sectors have already achieved numerous successes. The constant adaptation to our customers’ growing and changing needs is always in the foreground here. Convince yourself now and discover more about our project success in our success stories. 

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FERCHAU experts understand the challenges within the public sector, which employs some 5 million people in a wide variety of fields, from issuance of identity cards via infrastructure management in the health system in day care facilities for children up to the approval of wind power plants. No other sector is so diverse. And: current estimates predict that roughly one million specialists will be lacking by 2030. The most important lever for closing this gap is to digitalise administration considerably faster than currently. The holistic approach by FERCHAU concerning Consulting, Software and Services advances administration to the digital future with Smart solutions.

We integrate expertise, IT and Engineering competence in all authority-related areas: no matter whether complex processes using automation, a digital check of laws or supporting springboard innovations with so-called GovTechs. Administration focuses in particular on the topical fields Cloud, Safety, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. More than 2,900 committed IT specialists alone develop modern applications, stable architectures and operational models. With all our innovative power at FERCHAU, we always keep the project target in sight: keep tried and tested systems and modernise step-by-step – so that the tight budgets from towns and municipalities do not get out of hand.

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