Connecting People and Technologies for the Next Level

Lone wolves are a thing of the past when it comes to high technology. FERCHAU unites ambitious engineering and IT experts to give rise to future-oriented solutions. Sustainable and tailor-made – we will support you along the entire value chain and hold ourselves accountable for your success.

Technological monoliths and rigid disciplines are history. Today it’s networked specialist knowledge that is pointing the way to the future. AI in mechanical engineering, 5G for networking plants, autonomous driving, augmented/virtual reality in storage and production – the times of the cloud and Big Data being designed only for business applications are over. In interdisciplinary teams consisting of bright and ambitious minds, our engineers, technicians, product designers and IT consultants are transforming the ideas of renowned companies – from hidden champions to global players – into market-ready innovations.

At FERCHAU, we see ourselves as the leading platform for first-class technology services in Europe. Our more than 100 branches are committed to the well-being of their customers at all times. Extremely high internal standards, established processes and sound know-how about modern technologies and procedures ensure lasting and tailor-made solutions. Engineering and IT from FERCHAU – for the Next Level.

Our know­ledge and exper­tise

Whether automotive, pharmaceutical and life science or IT: we have the right solution for every customer requirement and the perfect employee. Put your trust in our knowledge and expertise in all relevant sectors and our 50 years of experience.

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