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Fair condi­tions

We guarantee our employees a contractually agreed fixed monthly salary as a basis. Classification takes place based on the vocational work or the area of responsibility assumed by the employee. Therefore, we create fair pay in line with the market.

Your work­place

Our broad presence throughout Germany means for you: flexibility adapted to your needs, no matter whether you work on-site at our customers’, at a subsidiary or at one of our technical offices. Moreover, we have a transparent ruling for travel times and expenses.

Your feed­back is important to us

It belongs to our principles to involve our employees in the further development of our company in a targeted manner. In order to improve continuously, we collect regular feedback via personal meetings and applicant and employee surveys.

Perspec­tives for the future

Our employees are our greatest asset; therefore, we invest in them. With the ABLEacademy, our company’s own further education institute, we offer you various seminar formats up to E-learning for personal and professional further development.

You can count on us

You can rely on your income from FERCHAU. We pay you a regular salary, naturally also when you have holidays, are ill and also during project-free periods. That is our promise of performance for you as an employer. Moreover, 96% of our employees are in permanent employment with us.

Sectoral supple­ments

Depending on the nature of your contract and the sector in which you work for us, you can also profit from sectoral supplements in addition to your monthly salary. Your contact person explains you whether these are applicable and to what extent during the course of the application process.

Our promise of performance for you as an employer.

An over­view of all bene­fits

FERCHAU focuses on people. That is why you as an employee profit from numerous benefits which extend above and beyond customary market standards:

Regular, fair, in line with the market

Salary and collec­tive bargai­ning agree­ment at FERCHAU

The remuneration basis for our employees in Germany is the collective bargaining agreement of the Bundesarbeitgeberverband der Personaldienstleister e. V. [National Employers’ Association for Personnel Service Providers] (BAP), which we supplement with our own financial and social fringe benefits, atypically for the sector. The collective bargaining agreement is valid for all technical FERCHAU GmbH employees who work in temporary employment or within the scope of work contracts and employment contracts. On the other hand, individual salary ranges are valid for our employees in central functions or the areas of back office, recruitment and sales who work at one of our subsidiaries, also with attractive additional benefits. The collective bargaining agreement is not valid if the position in question is permanent employment at one of our customers’.

Compensation structure and collective wage agreement

Frequently asked ques­tions

As transparency is essential for us, we are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions about our collective wage agreement and salaries at FERCHAU. Please contact the colleagues in your “preferred” branch should you still have questions.

You choose that contract that suits you

Our types of contract

Temporary employment, works contract, service contract or personnel placement? In a branch, engineering office or at the customer's site? Find out more about our career paths!

Types of contract

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