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Have you found your dream job, but still have questions about your application or about FERCHAU as a company and employer? You can find some relevant information below. Should you still have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your contact in your (preferred) branch.

Your appli­ca­tion to FERCHAU

Who do I contact if I have ques­tions about the status of my appli­ca­tion?

Each job vacancy lists the responsible contact who will be happy to help you. For technical positions, you can contact the Personnel Officer in the respective branch. Speak to our Internal Recruitment colleagues if you are applying for a position in the back office, recruitment or sales or a position in our head office. Below is an overview of all branches in Germany, Austria, France and Spain.

Our branches

Do I need to apply multiple times if I am inte­rested in more than one job adver­ti­se­ment?

Please let us know in your cover letter if you are interested in several job offers within a single branch. Should you be interested in positions in different branches, we would recommend that you apply for at least one position in each branch.

What does a rejec­tion mean?

A rejection always relates to a specific position and has no impact on other positions or other branches.

Does FERCHAU observe data privacy in regard to my appli­ca­tion?

Yes. We guarantee that the collection, processing and use of your data is done in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act.

Data protection

Working at FERCHAU

What types of contracts does FERCHAU offer?

We offer positions with different types of contracts: from employment in one of our branches, temporary employment or works or service contracts, to immediate permanent employment with one of our customers. You can also work flexibly as a freelancer. Find out more information on our topics page.

Types of contract

Am I permanently employed at FERCHAU?

Around 95 percent of our employees are currently permanently employed in our owner-managed company.

How are payments settled?

We have summarised all relevant information on the topic of salaries and the BAP Collective Agreement here:

Collective wage agreement & salary

What does personnel place­ment mean?

Personnel placement means that you are applying for a technical or management position where you are employed directly by our customer. For more information refer to the Personnel placement page.

Personnel placement

For which custo­mers will I work?

We support customers from all technological sectors. You could be working for anything from SMEs to DAX-30 corporations, depending on your field of expertise and chosen branch. Some of our customers can be found on our reference list.


How long does a project last?

The length of a project depends on a number of factors, especially the needs of our customers. The agreed type of contract and the legal terms and conditions are also decisive.

What happens when a project ends?

If a project is about to end, then we talk to the employees involved about possible follow-up projects and bridging project-free times, for example through further training. When looking for a follow-up project, we always try to take into account our employees’ personal wishes.

What further trai­ning oppor­tu­ni­ties does FERCHAU offer?

At FERCHAU, you will continue to train in a targeted manner. We are proud of our company’s in-house training institute that offers a wide range of courses. Apart from group seminars and various e-learning options, you can also take part in individual further training measures in consultation with your manager.

Where will I be located? Can I be deployed throug­hout Germany?

Your place of work will depend on your field of work. Our Back office, Human Resources and Sales employees are located in our nationwide branches or the head office in Germany. Our technical employees are deployed in our customers’ companies or work in one of our engineering offices. They are usually close to the branch you applied to. We will then discuss which fields of work appeal to you for future project assignments.

Am I employed by FERCHAU or the customer?

Our employees are permanently employed by FERCHAU. The only exception to this are personnel placement candidates who are directly employed by our customers.

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