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Busi­ness Solu­tions

Do you feel at home in the world of CRM, ERP or BI systems? Then you will have the opportunity to support well-known companies with your knowledge and expertise at FERCHAU. As a developer, you adapt the systems to our customers’ needs and design BI solutions. As a consultant, you support our customers with your expertise in the development or operation of existing or newly implemented systems in their companies. We also offer analysts exciting career prospects in this field: for instance, developing database tools or creating complex evaluations.

Systems Inte­gra­tion

You understand the value of integrated systems. Heterogeneous system landscapes will grow, thanks to you. Support us and our customers in embedding IT systems into their day-to-day work. Analyse and interpret data or ensure IT security for entire companies. Whether first, second or third level support – you provide support for IT problems and faults. There are also exciting challenges in network integration, mobile device management or storage.

Application Development

Whether web or mobile, front end or back end: you’re guaranteed to find a project that matches your skills at FERCHAU. The opportunities are very varied and diverse: you can be involved in the development of web applications, programs, websites and mobile apps. As an UX designer, you can create the best possible user experience or, as a data engineer, you can create the foundation for big data.

Embedded Systems

Would you like to make autonomous driving safe and future-proof? Would you like to equip and network future modes of transport with intelligent systems? Benefit from our network and access to well-known companies from all technical sectors, including automotive, aviation and mechanical engineering. Whether in development, design, testing or project management – the work is guaranteed to be varied and diverse.

Indus­trial Solu­tions

Take automation engineering, robotics or propulsion technology to a new level with us. Develop intelligent IT solutions for logistics, production control or product data management. Connect people and technologies with your skills and ideas and design the factories of the future with smart innovations.

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Temporary employment or works and service contract? Freelancer or personnel placement? In a branch, engineering office or at the customer's site? Learn more about the career paths available to you with FERCHAU!

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We have summarised all the key information relating to your salary and the Federal Employers’ Association of Personnel Service Providers (BAP) collective salary agreement. Find out about our attractive additional perks and benefits as well.

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Would you like to know how we organise the application process, how long a project lasts or where you might be working? We have compiled a list of relevant questions relating to your application and your work at FERCHAU.


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