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Located about 25 kilometers north-west of Marseille is the southern French city of Marignane, the ‘home’ of the helicopter. It has a traditionally close relationship with aviation and it is here that one of the world’s most innovative helicopter building companies has its headquarters. It’s therefore no wonder that we are represented by our own FERCHAU site here and that we play a key role in helping to shape the future of helicopter aviation with our technology services.

A cradle of aviation situated close to the Mediterranean: here in Marignane, the design engineer Henri Fabre took off in the world’s first independently flying seaplane in 1910. The airport here is France’s fifth-largest in terms of passenger volume and its third-largest in terms of tonnes of cargo. It therefore stands to reason that civilian and military helicopter construction has also become firmly established in this aviation-friendly environment. Here, our engineering specialists support customers in the areas of embedded systems for avionics, quality management, mechanical and electrical system installations, flight test instrumentation (FTI), stress calculations and structural analyses, as well as software development and project management.

Expanding the range of services

A few kilometers from Marignane there is also the Istres-Le Tubé military airfield with an adjoining flight test centre and the longest runway in Europe. Companies from the aerospace engineering sector have also established themselves here. In order to be able to work together with them on the future of aviation as well, we would also like to offer our services for aircraft with rigid wings.

In Marseille, our bright minds can find a very special mix for a better quality of life: on one hand there are exciting challenges at top aviation companies and on the other hand there are the many opportunities of the French savoir-vivre on the picturesque Mediterranean coast.

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