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Actively help shape the trans­for­ma­tion of the car industry in Ingol­stadt

Ingolstadt is home to the headquarters of a large German car manufacturer. Around 100 suppliers are located all around it. Our FERCHAU Ingolstadt Automotive branch also has its sphere of activity here, and it’s a sought-after partner for nearly all car-related technology services.

The car industry is in large part responsible for the fact that Ingolstadt is one of the most dynamically growing economic regions in Germany. We at FERCHAU Ingolstadt Automotive have contributed significantly to this development. For example, the bright minds at our company support customers from an initial idea to prototyping and the development of a product ready for series production. They have in-depth knowledge about classic development tasks, for example the mechanical development of components and assemblies. In addition, the branch continues to expand expertise in project and quality management, which is becoming more and more relevant in national cooperation as well as in the safeguarding of modules and systems. In addition to our branch in Kösching, we are also based in Neuburg an der Donau. Our component test centre and our vehicle safety/crash division is located here.

IT expertise in Ingolstadt increasingly in demand

We are also consistently expanding our expertise in the field of information technology. The background to this is that companies are also increasingly requesting our support in the development of hardware and software as well as energy storage and driver assistance systems. Our specially secured and certified prototype workshop allows us to independently work on highly sensitive development projects as well as the safeguarding and validation of components, modules and overall systems.

Our engineering and IT specialists value their jobs at our FERCHAU Ingolstadt Automotive branch, especially because of the positive, motivating team spirit and the open working atmosphere. The personalised development opportunities are also frequently utilised and greatly appreciated.

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