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The Allgäu region of Germany is one of the most beautiful regions of all Germany and also one of the most attractive sites for business. It therefore goes without saying that numerous companies from the most diverse sectors have relocated here – many of which have been expertly supported for many years by our FERCHAU branch in picturesque Kempten.

Lots of well-known companies have their head offices in Kempten and its surroundings. The automotive industry with automotive component suppliers and commercial vehicle manufacturers has a very strong presence here. These companies are working intensively working on the mobile technologies of the future, with the support of our Engineering specialists. This region is also home to a number of high-performing and innovative SMEs, whether from the custom engineering, packaging machinery or machine tool sectors. Here too, our specialists are actively involved in electrical engineering, factory planning and design, making an important contribution to future-proofing customers’ products and processes. Our objective is always to successfully shape the future of companies in the long term with our knowledge and expertise.

Kempten: a strong IT centre

As is the case everywhere that innovative companies operate, IT and automation engineering are increasingly becoming key technologies in Kempten too. Our IT consultants, including software developers and PLC programmers, have in-depth knowledge of all relevant fields of information technology and are taking IT processes to the next level.

We are always on the lookout for bright minds in Engineering and IT. Apart from challenging work and the opportunity to actively shape the future, applicants will enjoy working in the wonderful surroundings of Allgäu with its countless leisure opportunities and excellent quality of life.

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