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The sails are clearly set for the future in the far north: the companies located in the “state between the seas” are innovative and include some globally leading companies from the most diverse sectors. Firmly by your side: our FERCHAU Kiel branch team. What we offer: first-class technology services for the products and processes of tomorrow.

Companies from the maritime industry are strongly represented in Kiel and its surrounding area, simply because of its geographical location alone. Our Engineering specialists therefore bring their knowledge and expertise to the table in complex and technologically challenging surface vessel, submarine and shipbuilding projects. Together with our customers, we are also taking their products to a new level in power plant engineering and wind energy. Yet the north offers so much more: other strong sectors include special vehicle construction, for instance in rail vehicle engineering, plant construction and technical documentation. To provide support, we employ a series of experts, from designers for bogies in rail vehicle engineering to systems engineers in software development projects.

More “IT” for Kiel – and more quality of life at sea as well

Our information technology services are increasingly called upon: the buzz words here are Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and modern nautical systems. Our IT consultants are involved in software development and software testing and work with our customers to future-proof them with a healthy technological foundation.

What makes working in our FERCHAU Kiel branch so attractive to our bright and ambitious minds is the combination of challenging work, the open and professional working atmosphere within the entire team and the excellent quality of life offered by the vibrant state capital and the picturesque surroundings between the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

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