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Linz, which is located in the three-country region of Upper Austria, southern Bohemia and eastern Bavaria, is where we opened our first FERCHAU site in Austria. We are now an established partner for local companies and a respected expert for all matters relating to engineering and IT. Our common goal: to take our customers’ products and processes to the next level.

The region of Linz is traditionally characterised by a high level of economic and innovative strength. The companies based here come from industries such as steel production, plant construction, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and vehicle engineering, all of which are industries that play a decisive role in driving the future of technology forward. To support them as well as possible when developing innovations, we offer each company services that are tailored to its individual requirement profile. The central tasks of our engineering specialists include those in the areas of basic and detailed engineering, plant planning, control and regulation technology, electronics development and process management to accompany development. Materials technologies and the materials research associated with it are also promising fields of application. 

The future has a name - and that name is IT

Wherever work is being done on innovations, there is a great need for in-depth knowledge of information technology. It’s a good thing we can count on our many IT consultants. Their bright minds take our customers further in the fields of software development, application development and embedded systems, among other things. They also feel right at home with Industry 4.0 and accompany our customers on the path to the digital future.  

Living in Linz, working for FERCHAU – a perfect combination for a dedicated IT and engineering professional. If you want to benefit from this as well, then send us an application!! We look forward to meeting you.

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