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IT, Secu­rity and Engi­nee­ring in the epicentre of flying

The first balloon flight and the first passenger transport started from Paris – thanks to the Montgolfier brothers. In the meantime, many of the most important companies in the Aviation and Defence & Space sectors have settled here. With our FERCHAU branch office, we support the companies to the best of our ability and with efficient solutions in IT, Cyber Security and Engineering.

More than 240 years ago, the Montgolfier brothers set a paper balloon with an operating load airborne in the skies above Paris – to make history. Today, the region boasts a military airfield, two international airports (Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly), the airport Le Bourget with its Paris Air Show and 26 further airfields. Moreover, an asteroid and a moon crater are named after the Montgolfier brothers – so it’s hardly surprising that the Defence sector is well-represented in the metropolis.

High requirements, innovative solutions

With FERCHAU Paris, we participate in the diverse chances and opportunities from the largest companies in the country: They pose the highest technical requirements of future-capable solutions. We focus on the Defence & Space sector. Moreover, our portfolio incorporates mechanical and electronic engineering services as well as IT projects for customers from the Aviation industry. We have set foot with our office really close to the high-tech cluster on the south-west of the city: because ambitious IT and Cyber Security talents are being looked for to meet the diverse challenges of the real and virtual worlds.

Skills in IT and Cyber Security

Our employees and suppliers are IT experts, their portfolio ranges from efficient infrastructures via topical services to stable architectures – independent of whether customers request traditional or agile projects. FERCHAU Aviation’s experts work on all technical challenges, including Cyber Security, DevOps, Web development, secure communication and embedded software. In addition to companies, we also support public institutions as well as services in the field of Defence at the top level and with the required security checking.

Grow with the challenges

Our branch office is geared for growth in order to be able to meet demand. This also applies to the Aviation sector in the Paris metropolis region, for which we provide mechanical and electronic engineering services in addition to IT projects. Therefore, we are looking for engineers and IT experts who are interested in the greatest technical challenges of Aviation and Space and in the Defence area – and in Paris, the city of love of Aviation and Space.

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