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The Potsdam region is home to a wealth of companies from different technical sectors. The portfolio of services offered by our FERCHAU Potsdam branch is as varied as the mix of services in the town. Our specialists’ expertise has made a significant contribution to safeguarding the future of many Potsdam companies.

The spectrum of companies located in Potsdam and its surroundings ranges from optics, precision engineering, biotechnology, medical technology, process technology and environmental engineering, to the machine tool, custom engineering and automotive sectors. Even cutting-edge technologies, including aerospace engineering and the rail sector, have a presence here. Our brightest minds work in almost all technical sectors to support these companies in developing their products and processes with tailored services – in aeroacoustic and aerodynamic calculations, development and design to manufacturing supervision and quality management.

IT services are very much in demand

IT services are very much in demand wherever future-centric sectors are to be found. Our IT consultants support our customers in these sectors, regardless of the complexity of the projects. Countless successfully completed projects, both in the creation of software concepts, software development and software testing, are testament to our expertise in information technology. Together, we are helping to put our customers’ business future on a firm foundation. 

The FERCHAU Potsdam branch team and our IT and Engineering specialists uphold the positive characteristics attributed to the people living in this region: a positive approach to life and a willingness to make the best of everything – and they always do so in the best interests of our FERCHAU customers.

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